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Can I add an awning to my house?

Residents may only install attached awnings over back patios assuming that the proposed location and specifications for any such awning must be approved by the Board prior to its construction. Approval must be submitted via the Contact Page.

The City of Avon also requires permits for any outdoor living structures. Permit information can be found on the city website.

By Law 9.2.7 Awnings

Owners shall be permitted to install an awning on
the outside walls of their Dwelling Unit over the back patio with the
prior, written approval of the Board. Owner shall be solely
responsible for the maintenance, repair, replacement, and insuring of
the awning. To obtain the required written consent specified above,
the Owner must submit a written application for the proposed
awning to the Board that shall comply with any and all specifications
and guidelines the Board adopts. The Board may adopt such
specifications and guidelines for awnings as it determines reasonably
necessary to protect the Association.

If the Board informs Owner, in writing, that any part of the awning is
in need of maintenance, repair, or replacement as determined by the
Board and Owner fails to cause said maintenance, repair, or
replacement to be accomplished the Board may cause such
maintenance, repair, and replacement to be performed and charge
Owner the cost thereof as provided in Declaration Article 8, Section

Any conflict between this provision and any other provisions of the
Declaration and the Bylaws shall be interpreted in favor of this
restriction on awnings within the Property. Upon the recording of
this amendment, only of record at the time of such filing shall have
standing to contest the validity of the amendment, whether on
procedural, substantive or any other grounds, provided further that

any such challenge shall be brought in the court of common pleas
within one year of the recording of the amendment.